• Plant lots of Apples Trees. It yields plenty of harvest and Apple Pie will help you increase profits.
  • Place lots of Tables and Chairs so you can accommodate more diners.
  • Grow lots of quick-growing crops and buy quick-yielding animals. Put up your ingredients in the Trade Store so your neighbors can trade/purchase goods from you.
  • Cook dishes with the shortest cooking-time and put it up the Trade Store for sale.

Leveling up

  • Buy dishes from your neighbors. This will help you level up faster. The higher the quantity and value, the more XP (Experience Points) will be gained.
  • Visit and help out in your neighbors’ ranch regularly. You can get as much as 25XP per neighbor,per day.
  • Plant quick-growing crops and make quick-cooking dishes.

The Best Dishes to Cook to Level Up Faster

Currently, the best food to cook for earning maximum XP per hour are:

  • Guacamole Platter (also extremely profitable for coins earned)
  • Cup of coffee
  • Strawberry Tart
  • Apple Pie
  • Blueberry Muffin
  • Blackberry Crumble
  • Avocado and Walnut Soup
  • Cup of Tea

To cook these foods, you will need to have available and to grow the following:

  • Guacamole Platter: Avocadoes, which come from the Avocado tree. The Avocado tree is in the Cherry Tree line. You will need to unlock the Plum, Peach, and Apricot trees first before unlocking the Avocado tree. It’s worth using your keys for! Guacamole Platter yields excellent XP/hour AND coins/hour. You might try buying avocadoes from neighbors until you have unlocked your own avocado tree. The only down side is that it only takes 10 minutes to cook, so you will need to be around your game, cooking the dish often.
  • Cup of CoffeeCoffee Beans, which can be unlocked in the Grains section along the Tea Line. It’s the first item after Tea, so only requires one key to unlock. Coffee only takes 5 minutes to cook, however, and is not as profitable in terms of coins as the guacamole platter.
  • Strawberry TartStrawberries, in the Fruits section after the freely available Raspberries, so it only takes one key to unlock. Profitability for strawberry tart is good as well. It takes only 5 minutes to cook, however.
  • Apple Pie: Apples, from apple trees5 minutes to cook.
  • Blueberry MuffinBlueberries, after first unlocking Strawberry and Blackberry. 10 minutes to cook.
  • Blackberry CrumbleBlackberries, after first unlocking Strawberry. 10 minutes to cook.
  • Avocado and Walnut Soup: Avocado, from Avocado trees after first unlocking Plum, Peach, and Apricot trees; and Walnut, from Walnut trees, after first unlocking the Almond tree. 30 minutes to cook.
  • Cup of TeaTea Leaves, in the Grains category (freely available from the start). 3 minutes to cook.
  • The best hour-long dish to cook for maximum XP to level up faster is Bean and Artichoke Salad.
  • The best two-hour dish to cook for maximum XP to level up faster is Cheese and Tomato Pizza.
  • The best four-hour dish to cook for maximum XP to level up faster is Goose Breast with Vegetables.
  • The best six-hour dishes to cook for maximum XP to level up faster are Corned Beef Hash, Stuffed Goose, and Banana Oatmeal Cookies.

For Best Per-Serving Coins

  1. Use your keys to unlock the Red Grapes and the Aberdeen Angus Cow so that you can make these two high-yield coins per serving dishes: Red Wine and Steak with Red Wine Jus. If you have pears available as well, Pears in Spiced Red Wine is another high-yield dish for maximum coins. Each of these dishes brings in 23-24+ coins per serving.
  2. The Red Grapes can be unlocked in the Fruits section by consecutively unlocking the fruit along the Grape line.
  3. The Aberdeen Angus Cow can be unlocked in the Animals section by consecutively unlocking the animals along the Pig line.
  4. Pears can be unlocked in the Trees section along the Apple Tree line.
  • Apple Trees: 

You can fit 4 fruit trees into the size of one plowing land/animal fence. Load up on Apple Trees, they provide 14 harvests per tree. Use your Apples to make Apple Pie which uses only Apples.